Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beginning Class of Book Repair at OPSU - supply list

I have been teaching a little preservation class on Sunday and Wednesday nights to local school librarians and colleagues. It's been going pretty well so far and will be better once everyone can get their hands dirty :) I'm placing a supply list, (put together by a student in the class), on the end of this little missive. It is a list of items in my preservation kit. We scavenged a good many of these items from around the school, like the beakers that were going to be tossed out from the science dept. I use the bigger ones to hold my glue brushes and the smaller ones to hold water while I work. That's my little preservation area in the photo. Most of those items have been scavenged. Saves a good bit of the budget that way.

What I didn't scavenge I bought at Dollar General or on the cheap from other stores, like the utility knives and the skewers. What I couldn't get there I bought at Gaylord.com (glue, brushes, etc.), talasonline.com (English paring knife, metal rulers), Demco.com (clear book tape), or other preservation site. Look around for the best prices, that is the best way to work it! I also have a little tool kit where I keep my knives, scissors, band aids (a must have), pencils, bone folders, cotton gloves and cleaning sponges. It's nice to have a little tool kit for holding your tools.

Remember, you can always substitute coffee cups (I have a few from vacations that I never use), old utensil holders, clean coffee cans, etc, for beakers...use your imagination. I use clean cottage cheese or yogurt containers, with an air tight lid, for glue. An old clothes iron from home if you don't have a book iron. Anything you can reuse - reuse. The old boards from a hardback, if they aren't damaged, can be reused. If a book is falling apart and it is cheaper to reorder the book, salvage what you can and reuse the salvaged items on another book. Any thing you can do to save money and time, I always say :) Here's the list. I hope it helps you to build your preservation area.


1/2" Glue brush -- boars bristles Gaylord.com

Apron scavenge or make your own!

Band-aids scavenge, buy cheap

Bone folder (cow or Teflon) Gaylord.com

Book press Gaylord.com

Box cutter /utility knives Hardware store, Dollar General

Bricks scavenge

Brushes -- many sizes Hardware, Art, etc.

Cambric tape Gaylord.com

Cheesecloth scavenge, WalMart

or Super-cloth (starched) Gaylord.com

Clamps Big Lots, Dollar Store. Find in Automotive or hardware area

Davy board reuse boards or salvage from other source. Buy new from Gaylord.com

Emergency Response Wheel Gaylord.com

English Paring knife -- right handed TALAS

Book knife Gaylord.com

Exacto knife & extra blades Hardware store or Gaylord.com

Formula 409 -- for clean up grocery store

Glue sticks - acid free Gaylord.com

Metallic sharpies Office store

Nail clippers Drugstore

Paper Towels scavenge

Pencils (NEVER PENS!) scavenge

Poly-vinyl adhesive-ph neutral Gaylord.com

Recycled paper -- scrap scavenge

Ruler with metal edge Office store

Scissors -- several scavenge

Scotch tape - to tape the skewers to the re-cased book. scavenge

Self-healing pad Sewing store/section

Sm. Cutting boards Dollar Store

Sm. Squirt Bottle scavenge

Sponge (dry cleaning) Gaylord.com

Sponge brush(es) Hardware store

Steel rulers or alternate: Gaylord.com

Alt. - T-square with tape measure added hardware store

Tweezers -- big & curvy, nice Drugstore or Gaylord

Wax paper grocery store

WD-40 Pen Hardware store

White cotton gloves Gaylord.com

WHITE ERASER Gaylord.com

Wooden Skewers - cut off ends grocery store, Dollar General


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