Tuesday, June 22, 2010

User Awareness Resources

The folks at Lyrasis have compiled a great bibliography of resources for planning and implementing staff education and user awareness programs.

Additional resources available to help you educate your staff and users include:

PowerPoint Slides:

Handling Books in General Collections (Library of Congress; updated by Oberlin College Library)

Adopt-the-Stacks Stacks Maintenance Project (University of Virginia Library)

Preserving Columbia's Library Material (Columbia University: Janet Gertz)

Promotional Materials:

How to Treat a Book (R.L. Shep; accessed via Minnesota State University-Mankato Library Services)

Library Preservation at Harvard

Preservation Bookmarks (ALA ALCTS)


A few of these are light-hearted in nature, but they still convey a good message to users.

Book Care. Part 1 (University of Florida's Preservation Dept.)

Book Care, Part 2 (University of Florida's Preservation Dept.)

Bugs vs Books with Techno (University of Florida's Preservation Dept.)

The FUNdamentals of Book Care in 5 Easy Lessons (George Mason University Libraries)

Materials Handling "Commercial" (Middlebury College's Preservation & Processing)

The Mistreatment of Books (source unknown)

Murder in the Stacks (Columbia University Libraries Preservation Committee)

Preservation Faux Pas (source unknown)


Care and Handling of Books (Yale University Library
Preservation Department [pdf])

Care and Handling of Library Books (Northwestern University Library Preservation Department)

Preservation Training for Student Assistants (University of Washington Libraries)

Proper Care and Handling of Books and Paper Materials (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Book Repair and Pamphlet Binding Unit)

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