Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post-Circulation Examination

This is the Post-Circulation Examination Used at Owen Library:

All print materials should be examined on return so that damaged or deteriorated titles may be repaired or replaced. DO NOT DISCHARGE materials that are damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, e.g., damage caused by water, pets, or incorrect handling. Patrons are responsible for replacement & processing fees of items that are damaged while in their care. Refer the patron to the shift supervisor. Items that do not pass the following points may be discharged and then given to the shift supervisor:
  • Is the spine loose, torn, or detached?
  • Is the classification label secure and legible?
  • Is the case, or individual boards, loose or detached?
  • Are there loose or torn pages?
  • Are there loose or damaged plates or maps?
  • Is the paper badly brittle?
  • Paper is brown.
  • Edges of the pages are flaking off.
  • Corners of pages are missing.
  • Pages are protruding from the book.
  • It will not pass the double fold test.
  • Is paper moldy (i.e., limp with dark colored surface spotting)?
  • Is there evidence of insect infestation (i.e., small live insects, insect eggs, or worm-like larvae)?
Additionally, remove any paper clips, markers, papers, etc. that the patron may have left inside the books.

Adapted from Cornell University Department of Preservation and Conservation, “Post-Circulation Examination,” http://www.library.cornell.edu/preservation/manual/pcexam.html (Accessed July 3, 2007).

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