Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Preservation Bibliography - Websites

• Archival Products presents elegant solutions for preservation for colleges and universities, museums, historical societies, art and music libraries, medical schools and government offices as well as for the private conservator. http://www.archival.com/

• Three Basic Book Repair Procedures from the BookArtsWeb - http://www.philobiblon.com/bkrepair/BookRepair.html

• Conservation Book Repair: A training manual by Artemis BonaDea - http://www.library.state.ak.us/hist/conman.html

• CoOL - an online resource operated by the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation is a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials. It is a growing online resource for conservators, collection care specialists, and other conservation professionals. It's great for Book Repair also. http://cool.conservation-us.org/

• The web version of the Simple Book Repair Manual was created by members of Preservation Services, Dartmouth College Library. Copyright 1996 the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for copying and redistribution as long as this copyright notice is included. http://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/preservation/repair/index.html

• Harvard University Preservation Guidelines beginning with Collections Care- http://preserve.harvard.edu/care/index.html

• A tutorial on library preservation and conservation - http://www.librarypreservation.org/

• Digital Preservation at the Library of Congress - http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/index.html

• Environmental Monitoring Survey - http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/survey/

• This website provides simple instructions, as well as links to more comprehensive information for “Preparing, Protecting, Preserving” many types of family treasures. http://www.loc.gov/preserv/familytreasures/index.html

• A multitude of websites from the Penn State University Libraries Digitization and Preservation section - http://www.libraries.psu.edu/psul/digipres/internet.html

• North East Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) is a leader in providing preservation information to museums, libraries, archives, historical organizations, and other cultural institutions, as well as to private individuals. Preservation Leaflets - http://www.nedcc.org/resources/leaflets.list.php

• Tippecanoe County Public Library -The following Internet links are drawn from a variety of academic, library and individual sources on book care and repair. They cover general care and specific conditions, bookbinding terms and supplies, and additional Internet resources. Links to newspaper and document care have also been added. http://www.tcpl.lib.in.us/find-a-good-book/book-care-and-repair

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